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Meet Chase Eagleson

Chase Eagleson, 28, is best known for his work on his YouTube Channel covering popular songs and preforming original music. Many of these videos also feature his sister and fellow musician, Sierra Eagleson. The success of his channel has allowed Chase to build an incredible online fanbase and play music in unique places around the world.

Chase took formal guitar and drum lessons in his early teens for a couple years, but eventually continued on self-teaching new instruments, singing and music production. Chase produces the vast majority of his content, from official music releases to his YouTube videos, from his home studio he has built over the years.


Music & Photography

In addition to music, Chase also is an avid photographer. His work ranges from Travel and Landscape to Portraits and Nature photography. He began with Canon, but eventually switched over to Sony gear, which he still uses to this day. Chase has designs towards starting an online shop for his work in the future.

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